Russia livestock farm equipment Customer Manager


工作地点: 俄罗斯




招聘人数: 不限


行业: 机械制造

Job responsibilities
1)Develop Russia's national breeding (livestock) market and maintain the daily relationship with customers;            
2)Develop and maintain the marketing channels of breeding (livestock), including agents, customer visits, industry consultants, government and other marketing channels to explore business opportunities; usually, it mainly forms a "one China, one foreign" cooperation mode with Chinese customer managers to visit customers, responsible for the early development liaison of new customers, product promotion and basic demand confirmation, as well as the relationship maintenance in the middle and later stages;            
3)Assist the local communication and cooperation in Russia project implementation to improve the delivery quality.            
4)Assist to complete some market insight work, including customer information, friend business trends, product competitiveness, provide photo data, assist in the exhibition and seminar, and visit some industry associations.


Job skills
1)Have sales experience, practical operation and management experience of swine farm, understand and calculate the capacity allocation of each section;                
2)Proficient in English / Russian, can connect with customers at all levels of the farm, and have good communication skills;           
3)Identify with the company's values and culture, and have long-term work plan;            

4)Positive and optimistic attitude, quick response and good executive ability;